• Startup your ideas
  • Discover ideas and help others
  • Advance your ideas with the help of others.

The MEOW idea

The best ideas often come around if people talk about something important to them.

With MEOW, you can

  • easily, quickly, and anonymously share your ideas
  • ask for help if you encounter any problems in your work
  • or search for ideas to, avoid unnecessary duplication effort

The will help you with suggestions, feedback, and/or guidance.

How does MEOW work?

Even the most brilliant idea does not come true if nobody believes in it. If it is your idea, you, and just you, have the strength, power, and endurance to realise it, and make it to something truly amazing.


Share your meow in less than one minute


Share your thoughts anonymously


Advance your meow by collaborating with others


Skim through meow of the and get inspired

Avoid duplicate work

Do you believe somebody had already the same meow? Then search for it and avoid unnecessary work

Advance your MEOW's with the help of others

Let us together advance your meows!

You have an idea but are not quite sure if it is great or how to further develop it? Ask the for feedback or ask for collaboration.

You work on an experiment and get stuck with a problem that you cannot solve? Ask the (anonymously) for help. If someone had the same or a similar problem, he or she might be able to help you and you can save a lot of time.

You want to start a new project but are not sure whether someone already works on it? Ask anonymously to avoid duplicated work

We believe that every meow is worth spreading, even if the meow sounds crazy at first. It is just the right amount of crazy that turns an meow into something amazing. That is how the idea of MEOW emerged.